Diverse community involvement is what drives ROCC towards fulfilling our mission. Our coalition members are a key driving force behind many of ROCC's initiatives.

ROCC is funded through the Drug Free Communities Support Program grants to strengthen collaborations and implement community level strategies. We partner with community agencies to sponsor and promote the following activities:
Above the Influence Youth Clubs are designed to help teens stay above the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other negative pressures through media art projects. ROCC has partnered with Richland One high schools to encourage students to participate in drug free prevention initiatives in their schools and community.
In an effort to help students practice safe driving, Richland One partners with the SC National Safety Council, local law enforcement agencies, and community leaders to offer Alive at 25, is a four-hour survival course to teach young drivers about the attitudes, behaviors and risks they face every time they get behind the wheel.
The Environmental Scan is a community assessment tool that looks at advertising, alcohol products, and marijuana paraphernalia and merchandising. The purpose of the Environmental Scan is to help identify factors in the community that may contribute to alcohol and marijuana use and problems related to their usage.
Prescription Drug Use Prevention: ROCC partnered with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD), LRADAC, DFCs and CVS Pharmacies on the “Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet” campaign. Citizens brought outdated and/or leftover medicines (prescription and over–the–counter) to CVS Pharmacy locations around the Midlands, where the medications were disposed of by the RCSD. This was a joint effort to prevent prescription drug abuse. Locked drop boxes are located throughout the community where medication may still be dropped off.
Project Sticker Shock provides youth the opportunity to place stickers and bottle hangers on multi-packs of beer, alco-pops, and other alcohol products sold in grocery stores that might appeal to underage drinkers. Stickers are designed to reach adults and provide warnings about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors.

Prom and Graduation Safety Campaign: ROCC collaborates with LRADAC and Midlands DFCs on a multimedia campaign to educate parents and youth on the laws as well as the potential consequences of underage drinking and substance abuse. A major component of the campaign is the prom safety assemblies at Richland One high schools with the SC Department of Public Safety, Families of Highway Fatalities, Office of Safe Schools Climate, Security and Emergency Services, and the SC Alcohol Enforcement Team.

Student Perception Survey: ROCC administers voluntary and confidential surveys to students and parents at schools and other venues throughout the community to gather information about attitudes towards alcohol and other drugs and violence in the community. Survey results are intended to help program planners design activities to improve programs that aim to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among youth.
Social Marketing Campaign: ROCC along with Richland One Positive Behavior Intervention Support Systems (PBIS) are collaborating to conduct a social marketing campaign in targeted Richland One schools and community. The campaign is designed to promote wise decisions regarding substance abuse and other risky behaviors.
Youth Leadership Development Training is provided to middle and high school student leaders to help with social and emotional learning and to promote drug free prevention initiatives at their schools and surrounding community. They also serve in a youth advisory role to the ROCC. Students receive youth leadership training, and provide education to their peers and local business leaders.